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Get Invested

Sep 5, 2020

To develop a positive relationship with money and put yourself in a position where you can start living a richer life by design, you need to reprogram your underlying subconscious belief system.

Which is where today's guest Jonathan Krueger comes in.

Jonathan is CEO of Lionsgate Advisors in St Louis in the USA, and has been investing in the personal finance industry for over 20 years, and now owns the only fee-based firm that quarterbacks key investment strategies.

He also hosts his own podcast called Living a Richer Life By Design, where he talks about how to use relationships, community engagement, and of course, personal finances to live a more prosperous life.

Now it's rare to come across a like-minded professional who shares my holistic passion for a whole of life living by design approach, so in our energising and motivating discussion today
we answer all of your questions in relation to:

- The right way to look at money

- The potential for a global depression and what investment opportunities this presents

- And the future opportunity of crowdfunding and cryptocurrency

I was really motivated and inspired by Jonathan’s honesty, integrity
and commitment to using money to do good things.

Jonathan's book recommendation:

Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins

Get Invested is the podcast dedicated to time poor professionals who want to work less and live more. Join Bushy Martin, one of Australia’s top 10 property specialists, as he and his influential guests share know-how on the ways investing in property can unlock the life you always dreamed about and secure your financial future.

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