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Get Invested

Jan 3, 2021

Continuing our summer series with insights from Real Estate Talk, we now look to the future with three of Australia's leading property researchers:

- Josh Masters from Buyside buyers agents

- Louis Christopher from SQM Research

- Terry Ryder from the Ryder Report and fame, who you’ve had the pleasure of listening to on past episodes of Get Invested

So if you want to be in the box seat to take advantage of all of the property opportunities that 2021 is likely to bring, you’re in the perfect place right now.

To further peak your interest on the great insights we share with these property thought leaders, today's show will inform you on:

  1. How property is adapting and changing post-pandemic
  2. The level of optimism in relation to property growth in the upcoming year
  3. The impact that lending law relaxation and changes to stamp duty in NSW and Victoria are likely to have on property movements
  4. A look around the country at the where the major growth opportunities are likely to occur and why
  5. A discussion on the main drivers of demand and supply moving forward
  6. A look at the longer term impacts of current housing policies
  7. A chat about what current policy settings mean to the sustainability of property markets 
  8. A review of why real estate prices didn’t collapse
  9. We cover the reasons why economists always get it so wrong in their forecasts about residential property
  10. And conclude on confirmation of the major new trend that will impact on property in 2021

As you can hear, we’re going to cover a lot of ground again this week on what is about to happen in property across the nation in the short to medium term.

And the reason I continue to focus on this now is because of my awareness of how important the next few months is going to be to any of you who are serious about securing your financial future by getting invested. 

And I know that I’m starting to sound like a broken record on this, but if you’re still sitting on your hands while your hard earned savings and buying power are going backwards sitting in a bank account where your savings interest rate is well below the inflation rate, then now is the time you need to be investing in growth assets. 

I don’t care what you invest in, but you need to be investing now before you miss the boat – because you’re really going to kick yourself in a couple of years if you don’t take advantage of the rare opportunity that presents itself to you now.

And again, I say this as a very conservative investor who doesn’t like taking risks,and I don’t get excited like this very often – so feel free to reach out to us at or email me at if you want to explore your position more, without any obligation. 

And once again, before we get into it, I want to re-ask you a personal favour. In order to help improving the Get Invested podcasts, I’m looking for your feedback on which episode you have enjoyed the most so far, and why, along with what I need to be doing more and less of.

Any suggestions on topics of interest that you’d like me to explore,
along with guests you’d love me to interview. Hit me up at  - I’d really appreciate your feedback. So Thanks again in advance.

Get Invested is the podcast dedicated to time poor professionals who want to work less and live more. Join Bushy Martin, one of Australia’s top 10 property specialists, as he and his influential guests share know-how on the ways investing in property can unlock the life you always dreamed about and secure your financial future.

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