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Get Invested

Apr 30, 2021

The best investors keep it simple, and the best way to keep it simple is to ‘play dead’, according to investment expert Ramin Nakisa, who shares incredible insights in this episode.

Ramin is a UK-based investment coach, author and founder of PensionCraft.

Ramin worked in investment banking for 15 years. Before becoming a strategist he spent two years teaching finance in an investment bank, which was a big passion and also helped him to learn how to explain finance in a non-mathematical way … which you’ll benefit from in our discussion today.

Ramin has also written two books about finance and investment: “A Financial Bestiary”, which is written for professional investors, and "Invest in Fear" which explains how to buy and sell volatility using exchange traded products, which we expand on during our great chat.

Ramin was born and grew up in Worcester, did a Physics degree and doctorate at Imperial College in London then postdoctoral research in neural network models of language acquisition in the Experimental Psychology Department at Oxford University, so he has a really diverse and interesting background.

In our fascinating discussion, you’ll be fast tracked and equipped to be a better investor, as Ramin reveals:

*Why he’s the David Attenborough of investors

*The importance of correlation and diversification

*Who is the biggest risk to your investing success

*Whether you should invest now or hold

*His thoughts on cryptocurrency

*The impact of fees on investment returns

And his hilarious ‘feeding the pigs' investment analogy, so listen out for that one.

Now what I really like about Ramin is that if you want to learn to be a better investor, he isn’t going to give financial advice or push products, he’ll teach you what you need to know so you can make up your own mind.

And to help you do this, his company Pensioncraft offers online One-To-One Coaching in his Power Hours as well as a range of incredible online courses.

And Ramin is generously offering you as a Get Invested listener, a very special time limited offer - a 10% discount on his DIY Asset Allocation course (expiring at midnight on the 31st of December 2021). 

This is the most comprehensive course his company offers that takes you from an absolute beginner to a pretty advanced investor level. And it also includes two one-hour one-to-one sessions personally with Ramin via Zoom where you can either discuss the course or any investment topic such as building or getting feedback on your own portfolio. 

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So take the next step with Ramin at where you can also subscribe for market insights.

And as you continue to upskill as an investor … make sure you join me for our unique KnowHow Property Freedom Flight program, where I’ll guide you through my proven process for property investment success. 

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Ramin's book recommendation:

The Psychology Of Money By Morgan Hausel

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