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Get Invested

Jan 8, 2022

In our previous special reposted episode, we talked about reconnecting with your big 'why'.

In this episode (originally ep 43), Bushy continues sharing his insights to help you nail your new year, revealing the '3 Purpose P's' to help you achieve your lifestyle and passive income goals, and much more. 

As Bushy discusses in this episode, the Know How team is happy to be your accountability partner!

Just jump on our facebook page: and post your 3P goals for next year and you will receive a free signed copy of Bushy's book, Get Invested.

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Get Invested is the leading weekly podcast for Australians who want to learn how to unlock their full ‘self, health and wealth’ potential.

Hosted by Bushy Martin, an award winning property investor, founder, author and media commentator who is recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted experts in property, investment and lifestyle, Get Invested reveals the secrets of the high performers who invest for success in every aspect of their lives and the world around them.

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