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Get Invested

May 6, 2022

Luke Harris talks about how investors can get 'property fit' and go the distance on their journey to sustainable success.

Are you fit? Do you work out daily and have a regular exercise regime that ensures that have the strength and resilience to enjoy a long and healthy life? Or do you start out with good intentions
but the pressures and urgencies of life get in the way?

And what about your property investment? Are you property fit
with a similar dedicated plan and process supported by daily disciplines, or are you more of a slap happy occasional part time investor that fits things in around the demands of your life?

Being property fit is a good description of what it takes to be a successful investor and it also happens to be the title of the second book from our guest, Luke Harris.   

Luke is an active investor, who like your’s truly, has made a lot of investment mistakes along the way but these have become the greatest source of learning and improvement that has ultimately been documented in books that you can learn from.

Part 1 of my great chat with Luke unpacks his own personal property investment journey. As you’re about to hear, with big dreams, persistence and a can-do attitude, Luke now has over two decades of property investing experience and success. He’s built an enviable property portfolio and acquired an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience across business, property and investing along the way.

Enjoy, and don't miss Part 2 coming up!

Property Fit book:

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