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Get Invested

Nov 19, 2021

Steve Palise says commercial property is sometimes viewed as risky when really it’s just not well understood. 

The commercial property investor turned commercial buyers agent and the founder of Palise Property joins Get Invested to help you make more informed decisions on whether commercial property is for you.

He recently released his great book that gives you a comprehensive run down of the entire commercial property arena, which is appropriately called Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply.

Certainly, The dynamics of commercial property are different but they are no more complicated
— they just need to be explained simply, and Steve’s book does a great job of doing exactly that.

Commercial property has both advantages and disadvantages for investors compared to residential.

In this regard, the choice of what to invest in needs to be driven by two key things; firstly, your purchase price capacity, as good commercial property generally comes at a higher price tag with a substantially higher shortfall deposit required. 

Secondly, where you’re at on your wealth by stealth journey as I describe it in my book The Freedom Formula. In simple terms if your income producing investment nest egg is projected to be less than what is required to fund your ideal lifestyle then you need to go for growth, which means that good quality residential property may be the place to start, and then when your asset base is at the size it needs to be, then it’s a matter of accessing accumulated equity and converting to cash flow where commercial property comes to the fore.

It is always a matter of horses for courses and investing in the right asset at the right time to grow and fund your ideal lifestyle. 

And It’s imperative to never to invest in something you don’t understand – it’s too risky, unless you seek reputable investment guidance. 

And from the commercial property front, this is where Steve comes to the rescue. Having acquired an impressive property portfolio that has allowed him to leave the workforce sooner rather than later, he’s now passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and financial freedom. 

Steve has worked for Australia’s leading buyers’ agencies, executing more than 1,200 property acquisitions and acquiring hundreds of commercial properties for himself and his clients. He has purchased in every capital city and all major regional towns in Australia. 

In his work, he draws on the mathematical and analytical skills developed in his previous life as a chartered mechanical and structural design engineer, to break down what works best in commercial property. As with engineering, commercial property investment is based primarily on the numbers. 

Steve’s a licensed real estate agent experienced in sourcing quality commercial property investments.

His philosophy is that investments should increase your wealth and passive income with as little risk as possible.

He’s helped thousands of clients secure and purchase properties, and believes property investing should be not only smart, but enjoyable along the way!

In his book, Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply, Steve educates you on the issues in commercial property investing and how to do it in a low-risk manner. He explains step by step how to analyse, select and buy commercial property, ensuring that the value of your investments will continually increase – so you end up making as much money as possible with as little risk as possible.

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Steve's book recommendation:

The 20 Must Ask Questions by Margaret Lomas

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