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Get Invested

May 30, 2020

In the world of property investment, Simon Pressley is like a doctor – he’s one of those rare independent impartial experts.

Simon’s a property market analyst, a buyer’s agent and an accredited property advisor.

He’s the MD of Propertyology and a three-time Australian Buyer’s Agent of the Year.

Like me,...

May 23, 2020

To help you make the shift from conformity to creativity and innovation by learning to ask better questions, and the right questions, today’s guest Doug Adamson is the perfect antidote.

Doug has spent his entire life asking the right questions as a key ingredient for his initial and ongoing success. 

As an inquisitive...

May 16, 2020

Chris Tate is an inveterate thinker, planner, an investment trading veteran of over 35 years and one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia. 

He’s had an extraordinary impact on thousands of traders, including yours truly. 

As the Best selling author of ‘The Art of Trading’ and...

May 9, 2020

Optimism will lead us to prosperity, Pessimism will take us to poverty.

And to give yourself an optimism injection, there’s no better person than today’s returning guest Andrew Griffiths.

AG’s a living legend who’s own life story is a testament to the victory of optimism over circumstance. Have a listen to his...

May 2, 2020

As social animals in our globally connected world, our very survival will revolve around the strength of our cultures.

Does your family, your workplace and your community all operate in what Simon Sinek calls a circle of safety based on open honesty and trust? If not, how can you help create a circle of safety...