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Get Invested

Jul 30, 2021

If you're not sleeping well, you're not performing to your full potential. Investing in rest is one of the best things you can do. But how?

The best person to help you appreciate and improve your sleep as a foundation for improvement in every aspect of your life is today’s guest, Professor Danny Eckert, who...

Jul 23, 2021

Creative coach and ideas guy Wade Kingsley says "brainstorming is bullshit". So if it's no good at stimulating creativity and generating ideas, what do we do?

Wade explains how in this super creative conversation, helping you bring out your creative potential ... something he's been doing for more than 25 years.


Jul 16, 2021

The highly acclaimed and respected Dr Shane Oliver is living a life of noble purpose, and he shares how you can too.

Shane was attracted to join AMP as an economist way back in the early 1980s on the strength of their stated noble purpose - Amicus certus, which is latin for ‘a sure friend in uncertain times’.


Jul 9, 2021

We’ve got an episode packed with expert insights to help you understand what has happened, what is happening and what is coming in the world of investment.

In this episode, I talk about transitioning from Fear Of Missing Out to the Joy Of Missing Out for investment success in crazy times.

We also replay an important

Jul 3, 2021

Scott O’Neill and his wife, Mina, are experienced, sophisticated and active property investors who retired from their day jobs at the tender age of 28! That’s a story worth exploring.

They did it by investing in both residential property initially and then evolved into commercial property. 

With a property portfolio...